Future Advertising:hands On Search by Aid-dcc Inc./Katamari Inc

Aid-dcc Inc./Katamari Inc. Illustrates The Hands On Search Future Advertising

AID-DCC Inc. / Katamari Inc., the designer of the award winning design AID-DCC Inc. / Katamari Inc.'s Hands on Search Future Advertising points out, We had invented Hands On Search, which is a tangible search through the combination of the search engine and a 3D printer. Items could be searched verbally and the item would automatically come out of the machine as a miniature model of the searched item. We offered this first to people who need sense of touch the most, the visually impaired. 3D data were gathered from individuals and corporations who wanted to be involved in this project. This allowed the children at schools for the visually impaired to have more experiences..

Future Advertising:hands On Search by Aid-dcc Inc./Katamari Inc Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=33482

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